Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Time for...wait...what time is it?!

Time has never flown by so quickly. It's ridiculous. Everyday I keep on telling myself that I'm going to set some time aside while Moony is sleeping to work on making new items to sell in my Etsy shop, She Lost It. Here it is, almost 7 weeks later and I have not worked on anything! After the diaper changes, feedings, entertaining, holding, consoling, burping, laundry, and taking care of two very dependent cats, it's 5pm and time to start dinner. I guess I need to fight through my tiredness at night and give myself some time to create new goodies. In the meantime, I think it's time to take Moony outside. It's the first day of Spring and it looks beautiful out. Plus, we could both use some fresh air.

P.S. I had to take a trip out to Target last night and browsed the clearance section of the girl clothes before I left. I found the hoodie that I posted about yesterday in size 9 months (for only $14!), so I bought it! Yay!

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