Monday, March 19, 2012

Pink, pink, and more pink. Princess or Ballerina?

Who decided that pink is for girls and blue is for boys?!? Am I the only one who gets slightly annoyed by the clothing options out there for little girls? The girl section is always a sea of pastels with bits of bright color here and there, garments adorned with the word "Princess" with images of princess crowns, flowers or ballerinas. Majority of the options out there suggest that my daughter is either a Princess, a ballerina, or a future florist. Also, why must the majority of the socks out there look like ballerina slippers or little dress shoes?  I know they are just clothes and they are just babies, but where are the kickass clothes for kickass babies?

I love the Harajuku Mini line by Gwen Stefani at Target. I was anxiously awaiting when my little Moony would be able to fit into the smallest size available (6 months), but on a recent trip to Target I found that there were hardly any items left and it was all on clearance! Makes me wonder if maybe they will be dropping the line (booooo!). I may have to order this hoodie online and put it away for her when she gets rocks!

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