Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Skulls, Swarovski and a Stuffy Nose

My baby girl has a cold. It breaks my heart. All I can do is try to make her as comfortable as possible, but I still feel helpless. I hate using the nasal aspirator on her, especially when she's already in a fussy mood. When she's not crying I try to make a game out of it with her. I tell her I'm hunting the boogie monster and I ask her which cave he's hiding in. I then rush in and try to suction out that little monster and if I don't get him the first time, I tell her that I need to go back in and get him or that he must be hiding in the other cave. Sometimes she doesn't seem to mind it, and it has actually produced a smile every now and then.

I've been trying to get her to rest a lot today, hoping that sleeping will help her fight off this cold. During one of her naps, I was able to complete a ring that I had been working on before little Moony arrived. It's different than the other skull rings I have made in the past. It features two skulls with red Swarovski rhinestone eyes. Hopefully, if I have time tomorrow, I can take some more photos in natural light and post it for sale on Etsy.

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